Welcome to the World of Wanted Earth.

Wanted Earth is an epic miniatures strategy board game for 1-7 players. Fight as the heroes defending the planet or try to conquer Earth as the invading alien race!

Every game is a different experience. Discover unique abilities and play styles with each hero, hero combination, and alien race that you play.

It’s a great gaming experience without all the confusing rules, millions of tiny pieces, and long and tedious setup. It can also be played in under 90 minutes!

One of Daniel Zayas’ Top Ten Projects Launched this Week!

What People Are Saying

Undead Viking Review

Undead Viking

“There are some cool little twists and crannies that they’ve taken and turned the system a little on it’s ear…It’s very fun. The sculpts are awesome, the theme is awesome, the storyline is awesome. I just had a lot of fun with this one.”

Review and Roast

Review & Roast

“I can honestly say I had a blast being a part of this…I can honestly say that you will never play the same game twice. If you are into the miniature, strategy, combat genre, this game is definitely going to be of interest to you. Especially if all of the stretch goals are met. I won’t give anything away here but, you will want to head to the Kickstarter page and give this a look.”

Poke Your Eyes Out Games

Poke Your Eyes Out Games

“Wanted Earth is a blast to play! The end of the earth couldn’t be more fun. Great replay-ability, and an experience we’ll love to share with more friends.”

Unfiltered Gamer Review

Unfiltered Gamer

“I really really like the component quality and the art and the miniatures – all wonderful stuff…Its always fair in this game…you never feel like your going to win.”

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